Phlomis russeliana seeds – ( Jerusalem Sage)


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Phlomis Russeliana is a popular plant due to its long flowering season. It produces, at intervals, long stems of soft yellow whorled flowers from late spring into autumn, above lush and dramatic heart shaped green leaves. Each plant forms an architectural candelabra-like effect in the garden, and as a bonus in autumn the flowers turn to handsome seed heads, which add drama to the autumn garden.
Although appearing ethereal and tender, this plant is a hardy specimen to about – 15 degrees C. and the beautiful leaf rosettes are evergreen over winter.

It makes an excellent cut flower, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.
In addition, Phlomis Russeliana is drought hardy and is an excellent plant for dry partial shade or a dry site in full sun. It tolerates poor, dry soil extremely well.
It requires very little maintenance. When the foliage becomes untidy, from late summer onward, it may be cut back to encourage new growth. If left alone some people enjoy the form of this plant, especially during the snow when it appears as white fluffy snow covered balls raised on their stalks. It is a valuable and easy-to-grow plant and attracts bees and other nectar loving insects during its flowering period.
To extend flowering, deadhead the spent flowers, this also makes for a tidier-looking plant.
Large clumps should be divided every three years in autumn-winter to remove excess growth.

Can be planted in a container, but this should be quite a large one , and don’t make the soil too rich.

The Royal Horticultural Society awarded the prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM) to Phlomis russeliana in 1993.

Sowing advice

Can be sown at any time.Sow in trays or pots.
Sow finely and evenly. Cover thinly with seed raising mix . Cover very lightly as light is needed for germination. Propagate at 20 deg C. Keep moist but not wet.
These seeds can germinate erratically and can take some months to grow.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Jerusalem Sage, Turkish Sage



Maximum Height

90 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30