Dianthus Alwoodii-hybrid (caryophyllus x plumarius) seeds – (Carnation)


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These carnations  are garden hybrids which were raised in the early 20th century crossed with Dianthus plumarius.  They are in pink shades and mostly have dark eyes, which flower in the  first year grown by seed, about 4 months after germination.  They are easily grown and quite hardy . It makes an excellent container plant.

They are a showy small plant , which forms a nice cushion of  grey -green foliage .   The plant is best at the front of the border where its flowers can be appreciated .  They  produce flowers abundantly , and their flowers are sweetly fragrant.  They make an excellent cut flower for small posies .

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Maximum Height

approx 25 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30