Prostanthera lasianthos – ( Mountain Lilac, Victorian Christmas Bush, Mint Bush)


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Picture thanks to Plant World Seeds

This is a very attractive bush which grows on the forest margins in Australia.  It prefers dappled shade and average  moisture in the soil, but can tolerate drought and also frost  once it is established. Its long dark green leaves have a distinct and pleasant minty smell and the whole bush is covered  with pale lavender coloured  flowers in the spring, making an attractive garden specimen.


Sowing advice

The pre-treatment of smoke is beneficial ( increases the germination rates)  , but not mandatory, for the germination of these seeds.

You can either

1.Use a ready made solution such as :

  • Biogrow seed soak or similar

2. A cheap option for smoke treatment  is to use a covered object such as a kettle barbecue or  large tin can with lid or similar which can contain the fire.

  • In  the  BBQ or tin can object, put  the material you will use for generating smoke , such as dryish grass or wood chips or dryish leaves, on the base of the container
  • Light the material, and allow it to smoulder without burning. The temp should not get too hot. If your hand is too hot then the temperature is too hot.
  • Place the seeds into a small open  container , and put this container into the  barbecue , tin etc, on a rack on top of the base of the container, making sure they are not directly in the smoke or fire. Put the lid on the barbecue ,tin etc
  • You may need to replenish the fire material a few times if it stops smouldering
  • Leave the seeds inside the covered BBQ /tin /etc for  about 20 mins.
  • Remove the seeds and sow

Whether or not you choose to pretreat the seeds with smoke , sow them in late winter and early spring.

Sow the seeds onto moist seed raising mix, in pots or trays.  Just sprinkle a little mix on the top , but don’t bury them deeply.  Keep warm and moist in a shady spot. Germination should begin in 30 – 60 days, but can take longer.


Additional information





Common Name

Mountain Lilac, Victorian Christmas Bush

Maximum Height

approx 4 m

Number of seeds in packet

approx 40