Omphalodes linifolia seeds – (Argentine forget-me-not)


A small dainty slightly scented flower on greyish foliage, which blooms prolifically all summer long in frothy swathes of billowing white. It gently sets seeds so that , if you care for the seedlings a little , you will have a small succession of these pretty plants each year.

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This is a dainty, charming little plant with grey-green leaves. It produces sprays of faintly sweet-scented, pure white flowers with golden eyes (that are excellent for cutting) in great profusion for most of the summer.
It will gently self seed, but does not ever become a nuisance. It will tolerate full sun or partial shade, and is also drought tolerant, but prefers a moderately fertile well-drained soil in full sun. Pinch out growing tips to encourage bushier growth. Water infrequently but well.
It is best when planted in groups so that the full effect of the fluffy white flowers can be appreciated.

Sowing advice
Best sown directly, but can also be sown in pots or trays. Sow 6mm deep into a well prepared seedbed after danger of frost has passed. Germination takes 14-42 days at 22°C. Thin seedlings when large enough to handle to 15cm spacing.

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Common Name

Argentine forget me not, Venus Navelwort



Maximum Height

45 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30