Orlaya grandiflora ‘White Lace’ seeds – (Minoan Lace, White Finch ,Laceflower)


This is a very pretty pure white lace like flower which is a great filler for bouquets and also adds a lacy effect to the garden.

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Orlaya grandiflora ‘White Lace’ is a hardy annual which has lovely pure white flowers that form in large, flat-topped clusters which look somewhat like a lace-cap hydrangea’s flower. Each small central flower is surrounded by a circle of larger flowers. The flowers are borne in mid summer, and last through to the first frost. They are complemented by the filigree like ferny foliage. They create a lacy effect in the summer border and make an excellent cut flower.

White Lace grows to a height of around 60 to 70cm the large flower heads grow to around 8cm across and the flowers complement others in the garden or bouquet

Sowing advice

Sow in spring and early summer late summer and early autumn.
Best sown direct where they are to grow, but can be sown in pots – cell pots are best , but take care with long taproots when transplanting.
Care: Direct: Sow where they are to flower once temperatures are around 15 to 20°C . Sow thinly in soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. Lightly cover the seed.
Water ground regularly, especially in dry periods. Germination will normally occur within 7 to 21 days at temperatures around 20 to 22°C. When large enough to handle, thin out seedlings to 20 to 30cm apart.

Additional information



Common Name

Minoan lace, White Lace Flower



Maximum Height

approx 70 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30