Matthiola fruticulosa ‘Alba’ seeds- ( Perennial Stock)


A very pretty, easy care, old-fashioned plant which is hard to find now, but is very easily grown from seed. Its attractive grey-green, mounded foliage is smothered in lovely white scented flowers in spring and summer.

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This plant, which is now hard to find, is a lovely filler for the garden border, requiring no care at all and rewarding each year with a prolific display of scented white flowers. It is particularly nice near an entrance way where its scent will waft indoors. It grows to about 70cm and forms a rounded clump of attractive soft blue grey felted leaves, from which arise, in the second year of growth, wonderful sprays of scented white flowers in spring and summer. It tolerates a moderate degree of drought and also some cold. Deadhead to maintain flowers and vigour. The plant will last for 3-4 years, before becoming woody, by which time you will need to replace it from the odd plants which have self seeded in your garden.

Sowing advice
Surface sow onto the top of well drained seed raising mix or alternatively direct where they are to grow in spring. These seeds need light to germinate. Optimum germination temperature is 15-18 deg C. Keep watered, and plant out when large enough.The seeds usually germinate in 10-14 days.

Additional information

Common Name

Perennial Stock


Brasicaceae, Cruciferae

Maximum Height

70 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30