Macleaya cordata seeds – (White Plume Poppy)


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This plant has white  flower sprays which are very attractive and make a good cut flower.  It is also grown for its handsome greyish green foliage, which catches the rain drops and glistens beautifully. It is a large plant which looks spectacular in a herbaceous border.


Sowing advice

If you live in frosty areas then cover the seed lightly with moist seed mix and put outside in autumn, and keep moist but not waterlogged.  The seeds should germinate in spring . Otherwise sow the seed  into moist seed raising mix and cover lightly. Seal the pot  in a plastic bag  and keep at 18-22 deg C for 2-4 weeks.   Inspect weekly, pot up any germinated seeds carefully , and propagate these at 5-12 deg. C. After the 4 weeks, put into the fridge door for 4- 6 weeks.  Inspect &  pot up any germinated seeds as above.  After  this bring seeds out of the fridge to 5-12 ° C. If no germination occurs after about 12 weeks repeat the above procedures.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Plume Poppy



Maximum Height

approx 2.5 m with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30