Lucky Dip 5 seed packet bundle



This is a lucky dip of a random bundle of 5 seed packets each with approx 20-30 seeds in them , which are over 1 year old. You get a random bundle of 5 different varieties for $5.50 usually $4.10 – $7 each per packet. We cant guarantee germination of these seeds, but many seeds will keep for a long time. Try your luck and take a chance, you may get something really beautiful!

Varieties include: Achillea Acnista, Antirrhinum, Arctotis, Agave, Campanula,Consolida,Corynabutilon, Digitalis, Erigeron, Erysimum, Euphorbia, Gaillardia, Gazania, Inula,Leucanthemum, Penstemon, Rudbeckia, Scabiosa, Sidalcea, tagetes, Thalictrum, Verbena,and others!