Lilium monadelphum


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This lily is the easiest one from this region to grow. It grows in the leaf mould of beech forests in th eNorthen Causacus regions of Russia  It has large perfumed bell shaped, straw coloured  to buttery yellow flowers  with purple spots inside the flowers, on strong stems. It likes deep well drained soils .  Add a little lime every year to allow it to flourish, and do not move it once established as it resents root disturbance.  It may take several years to flower from seed, but reportedly most gardeners agree that it is worth the wait, when it flowers .


Sowing advice

These seeds need a period of cold moist temperatures to germinate.  Pot up the seeds in moist seed raising mix and cover to their own depth with the mix.  If you are sowing the seed in May – July then put the seed pot outside, uncovered and keep moist but not waterlogged,  to get the benefit of the cold weather .  If you are sowing at any other time ( ie when the weather is warmer )  then make sure the mix is moist and seal  the pot in a plastic bag and put into the fridge at 4 deg C for 12 weeks.  Bring out to about 10-15 deg C. The first shoot will probably appear in about 3-5 weeks after they come out of the fridge, but they may take longer to sprout, so be patient!.

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Maximum Height

approx 90 cm with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20