Lobelia tupa seeds


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This is an unusual tall growing lobelia which has handsome broad clumps of leaves which produce large tropical looking spires of red flowers in late summer and autumn, when there is not much else flowering and the other plants are beginning to look tatty. It is a spectacular , tall growing , hardy plant to about 2.5 m , which catches the eye of all gardeners.

Sowing advice
These seeds are extremely fine. Take care when opening the pack.
Sow in trays or pots. Sow on the surface of moist seed raising mix. Dont cover as light is required for germination. Water from the bottom of the pot so as not to drive the seed under the soil. Keep at about 20 deg C . Germination takes about 2 weeks . When the seedlings are large enough to handle plant them out into small pots, and move to the garden after all danger of frost has gone.

Additional information





Maximum Height

approx 2.5 m with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30