Libertia chilensis ( grandiflora) – (Tukauki, Mikoikoi, New Zealand Satin Flower)


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This plant has very beautiful clear white satiny flowers, which appear in spring and early summer.  It forms a clump of dark green sword shaped leaves , from which arise the  lovely white orchid-like pristine white flowers .  It is very hardy, does well in average soil conditions , and also can stand some drought, and cold weather. It  also does well on the south side of the house, in the shade of the house so long as it is in a light area , where it will light up the garden as white flowers do in the darker parts of the garden .  It has won the RHS award of merit and can also be used as a container plant.

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Common Name

Tukauki, Mikoikoi, NZ Satin Flower



Maximum Height

approx 90 cm with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30