Lilium nepalese seeds


A very attractive lily with lovely green flowers which have a very large maroon-red centre radiating to the edges of the petals. It has a strong musk like scent.

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This lily comes from northern India Nepal and Bhutan . It has large luscious pendulous green flowers which have spectacular maroon-red centres radiating out almost to the edges of the green petals. It likes acid soil which is well-drained and also thrives in cool conditions. Flower stems tend to wander underground laterally and can come up 30 cm away from the bulb , so be careful when cultivating around the bulb. Stems grow up to 60 cm. The flowers have a strong musk-like fragrance.

Sowing advice
This lily germinates quite easily. Ideally grown in spring but can be grown at other times of the year. Moisten a small amount of sphagnum moss and squeeze out the excess moisture. Put the lily seeds into the moss and put seeds and moss into a sealed plastic bag. Keep at 15-20 deg C (a hot water cupboard or glasshouse is ideal) for 1 month in a dark place ( a coloured plastic lunchbox is ideal) . Inspect the seeds every 4 days by opening the plastic bag and carefully remove any sprouting seeds from the sphagnum and pot them up in a small pot and keep at 12-18 deg C. At the end of the month , pot up any remaining ungerminated seeds.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Nepalese lily



Maximum Height

approx 60 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20