Gompholobium scabrum seeds – (Painted Lady)


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This Australian native is a small shrub to about 2 m high.  It has lovely brightly coloured pink  purple  and  red pea shaped flowers in August to November. It is probably  the most spectacular of the Fabaceae family and  likes a well drained soil in full sun and is frost hardy.


Sowing advice

Put the seeds into hot water which has just been boiled and soak them for 12 hours. If some seeds are not yet plump, re-soak them in hot water for 12 hours. Sow the seeds onto moist seed raising mix and cover to their depth with mix. Keep them moist at about 18-22 deg C.  They should germinate in about 10-20 days. If they don’t germinate, don’t be too hasty to discard them as they often don’t germinate until conditions are right.

Additional information



Common Name

Painted Lady



Maximum Height

Approx 2m with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30