Celosia argentea var plumosa ‘Pampas Plume Mix’ seeds


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These flowers are grown for their wispy, slightly-pampas-grass like plumes , which make excellent cut flowers, and can be cut again and again. They are very vigorous plants which produce flowers in abundance. They love hot dry conditions, so the northern summer if it continues as it did last year ,will be great for them,as will the southern areas which have long dry hot summers, and they will bloom all summer for you. This mix includes pale lemon, apricot, cream, cranberry and soft orange .

Sowing advice
Sow in late spring and summer in trays or pots
Sow in moist seed raising mix. Cover seeds with a 1cm layer of soil. Cover the containers with clear plastic to keep the mix moist . Ideal temp 23 deg C . Germination takes 1-3 weeks.
When the seedlings germinate, remove the plastic covers and place in a warm spot. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.Grow on at approx 19 deg C.

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Maximum Height

approx 90 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30