Calceolaria x hybrida ‘Dainty Mix’ seeds – (Lady’s purse, Slipper flower, Pocketbook flower, Slipperwort, Pouch Flower)


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This is a wonderfully exotic looking plant, is an improved version of calceolaria, with a range of brilliantly coloured red yellow and red-brown (and variations in this colour range) of pouch shaped flowers. They like a moist soil, and full sun to partially shaded location. They do well as an indoor plant provided that they get enough light, moisture and warmth.

Sowing advice

Sow the seeds indoors onto the surface of moist seed raising mix which has been patted smooth, in pots or small trays. They are best sown indoors under glass.  Do not cover as they need light to germinate. Keep them moist by watering from the bottom of the tray, or by using a spray bottle to mist the seeds, as this will stop the seeds from being covered by soil. they like a warm moist position . Ideal temperature is 20 deg C.

Additional information



Common Name

Lady's Purse, Pocketbook Flower, Slipper Flower, Slipperwort



Maximum Height

approx 15 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20