Owairaka Seeds Ltd – Rare Perennials – About Us

Rare ( and not so rare)  flower seeds for keen gardeners in Auckland, New Zealand

Owairaka Seeds is a small business based in Auckland, New Zealand. We love growing  unusual plants from seed, and since we found some plants difficult to obtain, we  set up this business to locate and sell largely perennial seeds of flower plants  which would appeal to the  keen home gardener. However we also have annuals, and even a few vegetables.  We update our stock of seeds, particularly for those seeds that are hard to find, on a regular basis and so we hope that you find something that takes your interest  in our pages every time that you come to see our website, and that you return to visit us frequently. Click on “Shop” on the menu directly above this writing to start your exploration of the list of different seeds that we sell.

Buying uncommon flower seeds in NZ, for yourself or  as a gift

If you wish to buy unusual seeds for yourself or as a present for someone else, you can do this simply by choosing the seeds that you would like to buy, adding them to your shopping cart, proceeding to checkout, and choosing to place your order. Then you can choose to send to a different delivery name and address ( as a gift for someone else) or put your own delivery address  on the checkout details page and add the other required details. Please use the ‘additional comments’ box on the checkout page if you’d like to send  a small message to go with the seeds .

Unusual Perennial  and Annual flower seeds

We sell predominantly perennial flower seeds, which are often hard to find  in New Zealand, but we also have  annuals  and biennials as well. Many of the seeds are available only in small quantities, usually because they are uncommon, hard to source, or because the plant only sets small quantities of seed. Prices for these rare seeds will usually  be  higher than for other seeds. Prices on all flower seeds include 15% GST. The standard number of seeds in a packet is 20. If the packet contains fewer seeds than this, it will be noted in the “additional information” tab On the seed plant description page , under the number of seeds per packet information.  We will also place a note on the main description of the seed product  to advise of the lower number of seeds. Usually a lower number of seeds in a packet  denotes the scarcity of the seed.

Imported and New Zealand  sourced flower seeds

A large proportion  of our seeds are imported. They are sourced from reputable suppliers overseas.

Australian customers

Unfortunately Australia now requires Phytocertificates, which means that costs are so high that we cannot send seeds to Australia any longer.  Please contact us at info@owairakaseeds.co.nz if you would like further information.


We ship only to destinations in New Zealand.  We use a courier service to both the North and South Islands, even for small orders as we have found other delivery means unreliable.  For other destinations outside of the main islands such as outlying islands eg Waiheke, Stewart  and the Chathams we will send via  NZ Post . There may be additional charges if the address is a rural one on the islands or if the item is a large item – We will email you to let you know after receiving your order. if it is outside of the normal shipping. All costs include GST.   Our payment terms are via bank deposit to our bank account numbers in New Zealand  which we will send you as soon as you place your order. Once funds have cleared, your order will be shipped.  We keep in touch with you via email, once your order is placed so that you can keep track of it.  You can also log in to the “My Account” page for progress on orders.


We also have a small quantity of plants which are the result of trials to prove viability of seed batches. The plants are in 9 cm pots and quantities are usually in limited numbers.  They can be found under the P – Plant – P category.