Veronica spicata ‘Pink Goblin” seeds – (Spiked Speedwell, Bird’s Eye)


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This is a short compact plant , which produces long spikes of deep pink flowers .It makes a good cut flower and beneficial insects are attracted to the flowers . It is an excellent plant for any well drained sunny spot and for containers.

Sowing advice
Sow under glass indoors in spring 4-6 weeks before the last frost, and summer and autumn until 2 months before the last frost. Sow in pots or trays . Surface sow onto moist seed compost. Do not cover seeds, simply press into the soil, as light is needed for germination. Keep mix moist until germination begins. Seedings appear in approx. 15-20 day. Maintain 21 deg C. for germination. Transplant outdoors after frost danger has passed spacing them 10 inches apart.

Additional information



Common Name

Spiked Speedwell



Maximum Height

approx 40 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30