Veronica gentianoides ‘Ramona’ plants


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There are just a few of these plants. The are in 8cm pots

This plant forms a low rosette of wide leaves with straight stems of ice blue, veined flowers which are produced over a long period from  late spring and throughout summer. It has a compact habit which allows it to be used in tubs , pots and the front of the border. It makes a good cut flower.

Cut back any spent flowers to encourage more flowers and also good growth the following year. Ensure that you water regularly during dry spells, and to give the plant a bit of pep , add extra phosphorus to encourage root development.

The plant likes full sun but can also tolerate partial shade, and likes rich, moist, well drained soil but will tolerate any soil which is not too dry, in full sun or partial shade .

When top growth is killed by frost,  cut stems back to 3-5cm above the soil line.

Veronica gentianoides is easily divided in fall or early spring, and is evergreen in mild winter regions. It can be propagated by seed or by division of congested clumps every 3 years.

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Maximum Height

Approx 50cm with flowers