Velthemia bracteata seeds – (Forest Lily , Sand Onion)


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This is a beautiful and valuable winter flowering plant which grows from bulbs , and can be grown from seed.  It is deciduous through the summer. It likes well drained humus rich soils and can stand some drought when established.  It is best grown in semi shade and does well beneath trees in dappled light.  It makes an excellent pot plant for areas which have light shade.  It will grow outdoors in northern regions, and will tolerate light frosts, but cannot stand heavy frosts.

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Annual, Chinese Trumpet Flower, Hardy Gloxinia, Half hardy annual, Half Hardy Perennial, Hardy Biennial, Hardy Perennial, Perennial, Primrose, Short lived perennial, Tender perennial

Common Name

Forest Lily



Maximum Height

approx 60cm with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20