Tulipa tarda seeds


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Picture thanks to Jelitto Seeds https://www.jelitto.com

This little plant has golden-yellow flowers in a star shape, with creamy-white tips. They do well in a rock garden , where they can be seen to advantage and like gritty sandy soil. It makes an excellent container plant.

Sowing advice
Plant at any time.
Plant the seeds into moist seed raising mix cover them to 5 mm and keep at 18-22 Deg. C for 4 weeks. If you live in frosty areas of NZ, then the seeds can be left outside over winter, but if you live in the North then seal in a plastic bag to conserve moisture, and put in the fridge at 4 deg C for 6 weeks. Finally bring out of the fridge and propagate at about 12 deg C.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial



Maximum Height

approx 15 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20