Thalictrum rochebrunianum seeds – (Giant Meadow Rue, Lavender Mist)


A very handsome versatile plant which adds height and lightness to the garden with its large and beautiful sprays of lavender flowers with prominent yellow stamens.

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This Thalictrum is prized for its delicate sprays of arched lavender flowers with bright yellow stamens which hang from the light purple flowers  like small and delicate stamens from a fuschia flower.  It has very large flat  grey green fern leaves which are like a huge aquilegia leaf.  It can be used in many different situations in the garden – as it is a plant through which other flowers can be seen, and fits in well as a background plant or in groups where it appears to advantage. The flowers appear on lovely sturdy purple stems, and the pretty tracery of fine, ferny grey green foliage makes a very attractive ground cover in its own right, during the spring and summer. This plant blooms later than other Thalictrums, from mid to late summer and for a longer time period , and adds a vertical accent to the garden with its clouds of rose-lavender flowers. It is a good cut flower, is easy to grow and is not eaten by rabbits

Sowing advice
Sow seeds as soon as you receive them, at any time of the year into a seed tray or pot with moist seed raising mix. and keep moist but not waterlogged. If there is no germination in 3-4 weeks then enclose the moist seed tray or pot in a plastic bag and tie the bag, and put the bag with the seeds in it, into the vegetable compartment of the fridge (or door). Leave there for 4 weeks. Remove from the fridge. This process can be repeated if germination doesn’t occur.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Giant Meadow Rue, Lavender Mist



Maximum Height

90 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20