Tagetes lucida ‘Perigon’ seeds – ( Sweet Scented marigold, Mexican tarragon)


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Picture thanks to https://www.wildgardenseeds.com


This attractive plant grows into a small bush about 1 m tall eventually. Its leaves have a tarragon scent and are a glossy green.  It is traditionally used for making tea and also for seasoning, but the small bright yellow flowers which are produced abundantly can also be used as a fragrant cut flower, and used for dye. It attracts birds and butterflies.


Sowing advice

Sow the seeds on the surface of  moist seed raising mix. The seeds require light to germinate so dont cover them, just press them a little into the soil and keep moist.  Germination takes about 2 weeks at 20 deg C.

Additional information



Common Name

Mexican Tarragon, Sweet Scented Marigold



Number of seeds in packet

approx 30