Tacca chantrieri ‘Nivea’ seeds – ( Bat Flower)


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This is the white form of Tacca chantrieri.  Its flowers have  very large white petals and beneath these are small dark central flowers. Long bracts grow from the flowers looking for all the work like whiskers, and the whole flower resembles a bat’s face.  The plant flowers in spring and summer. They will flower from seed in the first year after germination,

These plants like warm humid conditions and 40-60% shade.  They do best in temperatures of 21- 26 degrees.



Sowing advice

Soak the seeds in warm water overnight.Sow   in pots onto moist   seed raising  mix in pots .  Just press the seeds into the mix, dont cover as they require light to germinate. Keep them warm and moist by putting a clear plastic cover over them to conserve moisture, and use a heat mat  for warmth. Propagate at about 25-29 deg C.  geermination should happen in about 2 months, but can take up to 6 months. The plants need humidity. They will flower in  about 12 months from seed given the right conditions

Additional information



Common Name

Bat Flower, Devil's Flower



Maximum Height

approx 50 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 10