Stokesia laevis f. alba ‘Traumeri’ seeds. – ( Stoke’s Aster, White Star)


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This plant has large white flowers with a hint of pink , which resemble those of an aster. It is an excellent plant which even though it likes moist well drained soil, can also tolerate  dry  conditions as well as warm humid climates, once it is established. It makes an excellent garden plant having rosettes of dark green strappy leaves, topped by beautiful large white fringed flowers and blooms for a long time.  It  also makes an excellent container plant, and is good also  as a cut flower .


Sowing advice

Sow in autumn winter and spring. Sow in trays or pots
Sow on the surface of moist seed raising mix. .Cover thinly with mix  Ideal temp 20 deg C. Germination takes 14-21 days

Additional information



Common Name

Stokes' Aster



Maximum Height

approx 30 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20