Sarracenia species (alata x flava x leucophylla x purpurea) ‘New Hybrids’ seeds


A mix of seeds from hybrids of sarracenia species and cultivars.  Fascinating carnivorous plants which are grown for their foliage

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Picture thanks to Jelitto Seeds

These are hybrids  of cultivars and their species.  (Alata x flava x leucophylla x purpurea). They will have pitcher leaves with variable marking in redbrown to yellow. They will appeal to those of you who have small inquisitive relatives , who are generally fascinated with their carnivorous properties. They make a very attractive foliage plant. They should be grown outside after the first 2 years of their life. They will need a moist place. Acclimatise them gradually to the outside temperatures after frost has gone.  They will become dormant when the cold weather arrives. It makes an excellent container plant.


Sowing advice

These seeds need a period of moist cold to germinate. You can either put them outside if your temperatures are cold enough ( 4 deg)  or put them in the fridge.  Fold a kitchen paper towel in 4 and moisten so that it is damp but not waterlogged . Into one of the folds place the seeds. Using snack size plastic zip lock bags, put the seeds in the paper towel  into the bag . You can spray the paper towel with fungicide  or Neem for fungus avoidance. Zip up the bag to keep in the moisture. Put into the fridge door for  6 weeks. If fungus develops spray with fungicide. After this bring out of the fridge and take out of the plastic bag and leave in the paper towel to dry.  When dry, take the seeds out of the paper towel, and place on a soil mix of 1 part perlite and 1 part peat moss and firmly press  them down. Avoid covering up your seeds.

If there is still a risk of frost outside, germinate your seeds indoors in a brightly lit windowsill that receives several hours of direct sunlight. You will see germination within 4 weeks.
If there is no risk of frost in the next several weeks, place your pot of seeds outdoors in partial sun. You will see germination within 4 weeks, provided that the weather remains warm enough. In most situations, seedlings will be 1-2 inches tall at the end of their first season. They will reach flowering maturity in an additional 4 seasons.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Pitcher Plant



Maximum Height

approx 40 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20