Salvia nemorosa ‘Blue Queen’ plants



There are just a few of these plants in 8cm pots. $7 Each.  Available at 449 Sandringham road Tues – fri 10am – 2pm for pickup.  Please email us on to reserve aa plant and arrange collection.

This is held by many to be one of the finest salvias. It is a vigorous small form of salvia which forms small bushy clumps. It has intense dark blue branching flower spikes which are produced in early summer, and one plant can appear like a solid block of dark blue , the flower spires are so thick. The plant repeat blooms later in summer and reproduces its fine display.
It is a hardy, easily grown plant,and flowers the first year from seed. It can tolerate some drought, grows in spots where other less tolerant plants would complain, and doesn’t mind heat.
It is a plant that can fill a bare spot and look good in a very short time. If you grow in groups , it is a show stopper when in flower.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial



Maximum Height

approx 40 cm