Papaver somniferum ‘Sunit Silk Mix’ plants



Plants are in 9cm pots $8 each.  We are open Tues and Wed 10-2pm at 449 Sandringham Road.  Please email us on to reserve a plant and organise collection.


This is a mixture of all of the wonderful, old fashioned poppies which would have been grown  in old cottage and monastery gardens many hundreds of years ago, and indeed were often grown in our grandmothers gardens as well, not  so long ago .    You will get doubles and a small percentage of singles in pinks , purples, mauves like the one in the picture , burgundy, reds  to dark red Black and whites and many colours in between. It is an easily grown plant  and one  that you really can’t go past if you have  memories  of a garden long ago where there were many abundant flowers, and amongst them , bloomed  these lovely  ephemeral beauties.

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Maximum Height

Approx 100 cm with flowers