Myrrhis oderata seeds – (Sweet Cicely)


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This is a herb and a very nice border plant where its frothy white flowers harmonise well with other plants . As a herb it used in salads where its young leaves and seeds give an aniseed flavour .All parts of the plant are edible, stalks can be used as celery, leaves can be cooked, and roots can be eaten . And the flowers are rich producers of nectar for the bees and beneficial insects and if grown in a garden will attract them to your area. The plant should be planted in partial shade, and does not like
hot climates, growing best in cooler areas.

Sowing advice

Plant the seed in cell pots , or sow direct where they are to grow in the garden. Plant direct in autumn to benefit from the overwinter cold as the seeds need a period of moist cold at about 4 deg C ( approx 4 weeks ) to break their hibernation. If planting in spring then plant the seeds in moist seed raising mix in cell pots ( they resent root disturbance ) , cover to their own depth , seal in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator for 4 weeks. Bring out of the fridge , remove the plastic bag and keep in a light place.

Additional information



Common Name

Sweey Cicely



Maximum Height

Approx 120 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20