Reseda odorata ameliorata seeds – (Mignonette)


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This small annual plant has very sweet scented flowers which flower in summer through to autumn.  The plant has long been used in garden beds and borders, and the bees and butterflies love the dainty white -green flowers with their salmon coloured stamens. It is an easily grown plant , which enjoys humus rich soil and needs moderate amount of watering, and will not mind the heat so long as these requirements are met, but if you live in northern areas then some afternoon shade will be beneficial for the plant. It makes a nice cut flower to include in bouquets, and can also be grown in pots.

Sowing advice

Sow seeds in early spring or autumn.  They are best sown directly where they are to grow as their roots do not like disturbance, but they can also be grown in cell pots
Direct : Scatter the seed sparingly onto prepared garden soil.
In cell pots: Sow onto moist seed raising mix

Both methods: Do not cover the seed. The seeds need light for germination . Keep the soil moist but not soggy.  Transplant the cell  pot grown seedlings carefully  as their roots  do not like to be disturbed. For direct  sown seeds: Once the seedlings are 3cm tall thin them to about  15 cm apart as they need space to grow well. Pinch the tips out when they are bout 15cm tall to encourage bushing.

Additional information



Common Name

Sweet Mignonette



Maximum Height

approx 30 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 100