Lunaria annua seeds – ( Honesty)


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These seeds are open pollinated from our garden, where we only have the very  attractive white flowered form of the plant, which bears its pretty flowers above mid green foliage.  However as the bees are extremely industrious around these plants and love their flowers, it is possible that you may get the occasional purple form as well if the bees have found this in another Honesty lovers garden close by.

It is easily grown from seed , grows in partial shade quite well, and provides a pretty display in the garden. But the prime reason for growing this plant is the beautiful mother-of pearl seed  cases which make absolutely  outstanding decorative floral displays, once the seeds have fallen.


Sowing advice

These seeds are well known for their irregular  germination.  Sow in spring , early summer and autumn, best sown direct where they are to grow,where they can be left to overwinter, and benefit from  cold  stratification naturally. Plant 3 mm deep in rows and 30cm apart. keep moist .

They  can also be sown in pots or trays .   Cover the seeds lightly with seed raising mix,  and keep moist . Keep the temp at  approx 20 deg C. for about 6 -8 weeks .After 6-8 weeks seal  the tray/pot with plastic and put into the fridge for 6-8 weeks, then return to the warmth. This process may berepeated until germination occurs.   Space the plants at approx 30cm once they are large enough to handle.

Additional information


Hardy Biennial

Common Name




Maximum Height

approx 75 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 40