Linum narbonense seeds – (Flax, Heavenly Blue)


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This plant has particularly large beautiful blue  flowers, which are produced on the plant  for several months  and is considered to be one of the best linums for the garden. It forms mounds of dark green spear-shaped leaves. It is a longer lived variety than other linums and forms a compact bush when in flower, and does not sprawl as much in the garden. It likes well drained soil , in a sunny position.

Sowing advice for Linum narbonense (cold treated)

Sow in spring into pots in moist seed raising mix.  Cover the seeds very lightly  or just press them into the mix  as they need light to germinate.  Keep them moist by spraying them or water from the bottom of the pot. They should germinate in 7-14 days at 20deg C.

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Maximum Height

approx 40 cm