Lathyrus pubescens plants


Plants are in 9cm pots $8 each.  We are open Tues and Wed 10-2pm at 449 Sandringham Road.  Please email us on to reserve a plant and organise collection.

This extremely attractive lavender blue flowered perennial pea is a gentle climber to approx 1.75 metres. It has mildly grape scented flowers which make extremely good long lasting cut flowers. It is not as common as it once was in cultivation having fallen out of fashion. Plants can be summer dormant after putting on growth in spring. It may provide you with a few flowers in the first year from seed, but in the 2nd year it will produce a better quantity of flowers. Its native home is Argentina , and is essentially temperate climate grower but it will also stand some frost.

Additional information



Common Name

Argentine Pea

Maximum Height

1.8 metres