Lathyrus nervosus seeds- (Lord Ansons Blue Pea)


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This beautiful scented blue perennial pea from South America is probably best grown with a frame to support it as it is somewhat lax and will ramble given half a chance . It has soft thick grey-green leaves, and will stand frost, being hardy in USDA zones 8-11. It dislikes excessive wet . It flowers in summer to early autumn, though in Auckland it has been reported to flower in the winter.

Note: 10 seeds in a packet

Sowing advice
Sow the seeds in late winter or Spring.
Soak the seeds for 24 hours in luke-warm water or nick them with a pair of nail scissors as they are hard shelled, but take care not to damage the inside.
Sow the soaked seeds within 48 hours of soaking , in pots or trays in a good free draining seed raising mix. Cover the seeds to about 6mm deep, and keep moist but not waterlogged at about 15-18 deg C.
They usually take about 20-30 days to germinate, but may take much longer, so do not lose patience and throw out the seed pot.

Additional information



Common Name

Lord Anson's Blue Pea



Maximum Height

approx 2m

Number of seeds in packet

approx 10