Isotoma axillaris ‘Gemini Blue’ seeds – ( Laurentia)


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This lovely, small  bushy plant has pretty star shaped , scented  blue flowers, which are borne above dainty ferny green foliage. It makes a good container plant and is also great for the garden.


Sowing advice

Sow the seeds onto the surface of moist seed raising mix in pots or trays.  Just cover with a very light sprinkle of mix  as the seeds need light to germinate. Cover the pot or tray with clear plastic or a sheet of glass to conserve moisture .  Keep at 18-20 deg C.  They should germinate in about 2 weeks. remove the glass/plastic as soon as the first seed germinates.  Prick the seedlings out to small  pots when large enough to handle and grow them on in cooler conditions and plant out after all frost is gone

Additional information


Annual, Perennial

Common Name




Maximum Height

approx 30 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20