Iris spuria ‘Hybrids’


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This iris has slender leaves and will grow into a clump of attractive grey-green spear shaped foliage.  The flowers range from white through blue,  purple, red and brown and many colour combinations between .  Its flowers are usually held on long stems with several flowers to a stem.  It makes an attractive garden subject and is easily maintained.  The spuria irises like full sun to partial shade and will grow in well drained soil preferring those which are rich in humus. They are attractive to bees and butterflies.

Sowing advice

Sow the seeds in moist seed raising mix, cover them to their own depth with mix, and keep at approx 20 deg C for 4 weeks.  After this place the pot in a plastic bag and seal it to prevent moisture loss and put into the fridge at 4 deg C for 4 weeks.  After this take the seeds out of the fridge and remove the plastic bag and keep at  between 5 and 12 degrees C.

Additional information



Common Name

Butterfly Iris



Maximum Height

Approx 100 cm with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20