Impatiens balsamina ‘Camellia Flowered’ seeds – (Garden balsam, Touch me Not)


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Picture thanks to National Parks Singapore

These plants have fleshy stems with lovely camellia shaped flowers which appear close together on the stems of the plant.  The flowers come in many colours pinks reds purples whites .  Children love them for the explosive pop of ripe seeds .

They are easy to grow, tolerant of short periods of drought and if you give them at least some light and  fertile well drained soil, the Garden Balsam thrives well in any gardens.


Sowing advice

Sow the seed on the surface of moist seed raising mix.  Just press them into the soil, but don’t cover them with mix as light aids germination. They will appear in 7-14 days at about 20 deg C.

Additional information



Common Name

Garden Balsam, Touch me Not



Maximum Height

approx 40 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30