Helipterum roseum ‘Large Flowered Hybrids’ seeds – (Strawflower)


A plant with large papery rose to red shaded flowers which are excellent as cut and also  dried flowers.

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Picture thanks to www.hazzardsgreenhouse.com

This pretty annual plant has large  flowers  in shades of rose to red , which are like paper.. They grow to 50 cm, and are excellent for cutting and drying.

Sowing advice

Sow paper daisy seeds in seed trays or pots, press into soil and lightly cover with soil.  Ideal temperature 18-23 deg C. Germination occurs in 14-21 days.  Transplant to the garden when large enough.  You can also  direct sow the seed into prepared seed beds after all dange3r of frost. Thin to 8 in. apart.

Additional information



Common Name

Everlasting Daisy, Paper Daisy


Asteraceae, Compositae

Maximum Height

55 cm

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