Geranium sanguineum var striatum seeds ‘Vision Light Pink’- (Bloody Cranesbil


This plant has exquisite papery pale pink flowers which are veined with deep pink, which it bears in profusion It has very fine feathery leaves and forms a nice tidy mound in the garden.

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Picture thanks for Jelitto Seeds

This is one of the small bushy mound forming types of geranium. It grows as a mound of fine-textured green foliage. In spring and summer it produces a mass of soft-pink flowers, which have deep pink veins. This geranium will withstand variations in climatic conditions, and for those of us who have humid conditions, it will cope well. It will create a nice bushy clump and serve as a good groundcover. Its leaves often turn a lovely bronzy-red in the autumn. It makes an excellent container plant.


Sowing advice

Seeds can be sown at any time.Sow in trays or pots in good seed raising mix. Cover seeds thinly. keep at 20- 22 degrees C. Keep moist but not waterlogged. Seeds will germinate in 3-4 weeks. Keep in cooler conditions after they have germinated.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Bloody Cranesbill



Maximum Height

approx 20 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20