Gaura lindheimerei ‘The Bride’ plants



There are just 2 of these plants left .  They are in 8cm pots. $7 each.  They are available from 449 Sandringham Road Tues- Thurs 10- 2pm .  Please email us on to reserve plants.


This is a lovely plant for adding airiness to the garden , as the delicate red branches with their white to pale pink flowers sway in the slightest breeze and the bees absolutely love its flowers. It flowers for almost forever, well at least 5 months which is pretty good value.  It flowers in the first year after sowing from seed, and is also a good cut flower.  It is not too fussy where it will grow so long as the soil is well drained and it can tolerate some drought.  For its many virtues it was awarded the RHS award of m

Additional information


Hardy Perennial



Maximum Height

approx 80 cm