Gaillardia aristata ‘Torchlight’ plants



Picture thanks to Jelitto Seeds

These plants are in 8cm pots .They are $8.50 each.  They are available for pickup Tues and Wed 10 -2 . from 449 Sandringham Road.  Please email us on to reserve a plant and organise collection


This plant has large red flowers with a yellow border.  The exterior edge of the flower  has sharp pointed petal edges and almost could have been  cut by pinking shears . It is an excellent plant for natural landscaping, and bees and butterflies love it.  When his properly established it is drought tolerant and this makes it useful for xeriscaping. It flowers its heart out for a long period, and smothers itself with blooms.  It requires very little care and is an easy plant in the garden.





Additional information

Common Name

Blanket Flower



Maximum Height

approx 75 cm