Euphorbia marginata ‘Snow on the Mountain’ seeds – ( Snow Top)


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This euphorbia is used as a filler for bouquets and flower arrangements . It has white bracts which appear on the tips of the stems, which are strong and excellent for the vase. They are set off by the green foliage.The foliage begins to variegate when the days begin to shorten. It performs well in dry, poorish soils and in the heat of summer. It serves as a dramatic foil to the other summer flowers. The plant grow well in full sun,to partial shade, with a well-drained soil mix. The plants should be well watered and be allowed to dry before watering again. The plant grows in poor soils in its natural habitat and does not need fertiliser or excessive water. Too much of either will provide lush growth but at the expense of flowers. Cut back flowering shoots to ground level in late summer or autumn.
Contact with the milky sap of the leaves should be avoided by wearing gardening gloves and long sleeves as it can irritate the skin.

Sowing advice

Euphorbia resents root disturbance so it is best to sow either direct or in cell pots for ease of later transplant
Sow seeds in early spring .
Direct : after the last frost
In pots inside: 4-6 weeks before the last frost.
Sow in cell pots or direct outside
Sow in good seed raising mix. Cover lightly with soil. Keep warm and moist at 18-24 deg C . Germination will take 10-14 days but can be erratic, and sometimes it can take up to a month.

Additional information



Common Name

Spurge|Snow on the Mountain



Maximum Height

approx 80 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30