Euphorbia marginata ‘Kilimanjaro’ seeds


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This plant produces a nice mounded bush which has very attractive green foliage with white stunning white margins. It also has small green and white flowers which are great for cutting.  It is easy to grow from seed, and easy care, preferring well drained soil , and will withstand some drought.

Euphorbia resents root disturbance so it is best to sow either direct or in cell pots for ease of later transplant

Sowing advice

Sow seeds in early spring. Sow in good seed raising mix. Cover lightly with soil. Keep warm and moist at 18-24 deg C . Germination  will  take 10-14 days but can be erratic, and sometimes it can take up to a month.

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Maximum Height

approx 90 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30