Eryngium giganteum ‘Silver Ghost’ plants


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Note there is a limited quantity of these plants available. They are just coming up after winter and are in 8cm pots

This plant is spectacular, with eye catching metallic silvery blue leaves, stems and flowers. Its flowers are larger than E. ‘Miss Wilmot’s Ghost’, and more silvery. It has a luminosity in the garden, and reaches its peak in late summer, when all else is becoming a bit faded and boring.

It is especially beautiful at night, in the light of the full moon. It was originally discovered in Turkish beech/pine forest. It has metallic silvery-blue leaves, and in summer it produces large heads of lovely lime-green flowers with blue stamens backed by large and conspicuous bracts, the whole later developing a shining silvery hue.

The “giganteum” refers to the flower heads which are large, and not to the plant which usually grows to approx 1.2 m high. Prefers full sun in a light well-drained soil. Will tolerate very light shade. Plant into final position while the plant is young. The roots are often several feet long and do not like to be disturbed. Flower stems may be cut back after flowering but the seedheads are attractive and could be left over winter. Cut flowers before fully open if you wish to dry them. Divide in early spring or autumn, be gentle, the plant does not like root disturbance. Protect from winter wetness. Will self-seed.
Eryngium Giganteum ‘Silver Ghost’ has won the RHS Award of Garden Merit.



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Hardy Perennial



Maximum Height

approx 1 m