Echinacea paradoxa seeds – ( Bush’s Purple Coneflower, Ozark Coneflower)


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Picture courtesy of Wildgardenseed

Unlike one of its common names, ‘Bush’s Purple Coneflower’, this plant’s flowers are not purple. It has wonderful golden yellow flowers which are 10cm across, with dark cone heads, which sit well above the reed-like foliage and provide a dramatic feature in the garden. It is an extremely drought hardy plant, with a long taproot. It is also heat and humidity tolerant.
It is best planted in mass to benefit from the showy blooms.
It blooms abundantly from early summer to early autumn,making a spectacular display in the garden. Its flowers make extremely good cut flowers, and they can also be dried.
An easy care , and rewarding plant for a dryish site and good for natural planting and wildflower gardens, as well as beds and borders.

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Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Bush's Purple Coneflower, Ozark Coneflower



Maximum Height

approx 90 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20