Codonopsis convolvulacea seeds – ( Nepalensis)


Picture thanks to Jelitto


This is a small vigorous vine which reaches about 1.2m, and is best grown on a support .  It has 15 cm starry flowers of the most  beautiful blue- violet colour. The flowers can also be white , but this is a rare form.

The flowers have fine violet penciling around the anthers .


Sowing advice

Sow  in  spring.  Sow  in trays or pots.  Sow onto the surface of moist seed raising mix . Cover  very thinly with just a sprinkle of mix as they need light to germinate. Ideal temperature is 20 Deg C.  Germination takes 10 -20  days at 20°C. Transplant when large enough

Additional information





Maximum Height

Approx 120 cm