Chorizema diversifolium seeds – ( Climbing Flame Pea)


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Picture thanks to Hello Hello Plants

This Australian native is a small trailing shrub or small climber to about 1 m. Its flowers can be pink red or orange, or a mix of these colours. It flowers in spring and summer. It likes a sandy well drained soil, and likes some shade. It will grow  well as a container plant .


Sowing advice

Soak the seeds in water which has just boiled for about 12 hours. If the seeds are not plump, re-soak them in hot water for another 12 hours. Then sow the plump seeds on a moist seed raising mix and lightly cover.  Ideal temp 18-22 deg C.

Additional information



Common Name

Climbing Flame Pea



Maximum Height

Approx 100 cm with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 40