Bergenia cordifolia “New Hybrids’ seeds – ( Elephants Ears)


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Picture thanks to Jelitto Seeds

This extremely useful plant has large  handsome, thick, glossy 20cm  leaves which form a carpet and this  discourages weeds. Bergenias produce clusters  of large pink to red bell-shaped flowers, borne on sturdy stems  that sit above the leaves.  They flower in spring and early summer , and the flowers can be cut for the vase.

This plant is an easy care one  and is adaptable.   It will grow in almost any situation, in shade, dry shade and full sun. It won’t mind growing in a range of soils from poor, light and chalky through to clay, and copes well with drought .  It can also do well in heavy moist soils.  Bergenias tolerate temperatures down  to  -40°C . They are  long lived and do not require frequent division. It makes an excellent container plant.

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Common Name

Elephant's Ears



Maximum Height

approx 45 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30