Artemisia ludoviciana seeds


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This plant is grown for its wonderful silver grey   foliage , which lights up the plants which it is placed  next to in the border with its lovely contrasting foliage .  Its foliage is aromatic when you  touch and bruise  it . It produces small yellow flowers which are inconspicuous, but pleasantly scented which makes it nice for an outdoor seating area. The experts recommend these are removed to prevent self seeding .  The plant spreads by  rhizomes, and in some situations can self seed, so keep an eye out for unwanted growth.  It can withstand some dry conditions, and likes well drained soil in full sun. Cut it back to the ground in autumn. Its foliage is excellent for floral arrangements, and makes a good container plant .


Note that we have increased  the amount of seeds in the packet due to germination being lower than expected

Additional information



Common Name

White Sage



Maximum Height

approx 60 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 50