Alyogyne huegelii seeds – (Blue Hibiscus)


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Picture thanks to Hello Hello Plants

This South Western Australian native plant grows to a shrub, which is evergreen and has large blue to lilac purple flowers which have a trumpet shape.  The flowers are 10cm across, and last for 2 or so days . They are borne against  dark green foliage, from new leaf axils, and are borne in summer and late autumn, on the current or last years growth. It grows to max 2.5 m. It grows  best in full sun, in well drained soil, which is well watered. Prune  the plant after the last flowers in late spring to keep it in good shape.


Sowing advice

Soak the seed in luke-warm water for 12 hours. Sow onto moist seed raising mix and sprinkle with just a little mix to just cover and no more.  Keep moist but not waterlogged. Seeds should start to germinate in about 1 month. If they dont germinate in this time , set them aside in a warm shady spot  and don’t discard them as sometimes they wait until conditions are favourable to germinate.

Additional information





Maximum Height

approx 2.5 m with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 40