Allium stipitatum seeds


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This plant has tennis ball shaped flowers which rise to about 90cm and are made up of many tiny rose – lilac coloured flowers. It is a decorative flower which looks good massed together and forms an architectural point in the garden, attracting attention with its round form.

Sowing advice

Sow at any time of the year.
If you live in frosty areas then cover the seed with moist seed mix and put outside in autumn. Otherwise put the seed into one fold of a moistened paper kitchen towel, folded into 4. Seal the paper & seeds in a plastic bag and keep at 18-22 deg C for 2-4 weeks. Inspect weekly, pot up germinated seeds, and propagate these at 5-12 deg. C. After the 4 weeks, put into the fridge door for 4- 6 weeks. Inspect & pot up any germinated seeds as above. After this bring seeds out of the fridge to 5-12 ° C and pot up for germination. If no germination occurs after about 12 weeks repeat the above procedures.

Additional information





Maximum Height

approx 90 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20